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Vaivara hazardous waste treatment centre to receive a new treatment plant


Today, the Government supported the proposal of Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, the Minister of the Environment, to update the outdated water treatment plant of the Vaivara hazardous waste treatment centre.

As a result of improving the conditions of the treatment centre’s rainwater and leachate systems, the quality of surface and ground water will also improve and the risk of pollution will decrease. By improving the water treatment systems, the negative environmental effect of the waste management centre will be avoided and the landfill site shall be conditioned.

A water treatment complex was built in 2007-2008 to treat the contaminated rainwater collected from the landfill waste site, composting and asphalt sites. The treatment equipment of the water treatment complex is currently technically outdated.

The new treatment plant must ensure that the water forwarded to the pipe is in compliance with the requirements. The device is complex, as it is used for treating difficult waste water containing hazardous substances as well as organic waste. The final price of the treatment plan shall be established following a tendering procedure.

A tender has been launched for creating a leachate treatment system in compliance with the requirements; until then, wastewater will be forwarded to other treatment plants. Releasing contaminated water into nature is forbidden. The tender aims at finding an enterprise supplying the equipment, assembling it and training operators. The call for tender is open until 4 September.


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