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A minimum price for plastic bags will be established as of 2019 to reduce plastic bag consumption


plastic carrier bag (15 to 50 microns) may not be lower than the price established with the regulation of the minister. When the law takes effect, the minimum price will be implemented as of 1 January 2019.

“The establishment of the minimum price for plastic carrier bags and the limitation of the free distribution of ultra-thin plastic bags will definitely turn the attention of the population to the fact that plastic bags are environmentally hazardous, and hopefully this also influences the decisions whether to use them,” noted Eek.

A recommendation about the avoidance of the sale of oxidant-degradable plastic carrier bags will also be added to the law since the consumers often mistake them for biodegradable bags, which they are not. Such plastic bags will not decompose fully in the composting process, but remain in small pieces, which may end up in animal food and cause the death of animals and birds.

In order to collect data about the consumption of plastic carrier bags and the reduction in the consumption thereof, a record-keeping obligation will be imposed on the sales points with the draft.

The record-keeping obligation will be imposed on the sales points with a surface area of more than 100 m2. According to the data available for the Ministry of the Environment, in 2015 there were 780 sales points with a surface area under 100 m2, which is approximately 28% of the total number of sales points.

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