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The Government invests further 4.1 million of Euro support in the reconstruction of the tram lines


In order to cover the rise in prices of the reconstruction works of tram lines in Tallinn, the Ministry of the Environment invests further 4.1 million euros at the expense of funds released from the previous funding period of the European Union Cohesion Fund. As a whole, the Government has already invested over 70 million euros in the upgrading of the tram traffic in Tallinn.

“Modern and sustainable technology helps to create a better living environment, which will benefit people and nature at the same time. Since some projects have turned out to be less costly than planned and additional options have emerged, we are able to contribute even more to improve the tram traffic in Tallinn,” Minister of the Environment Mati Raidma commented.

Thanks to the renewal of the tram lines 3 and 4, new eco-friendly trams can start their service, thereby reducing vibration and noise, as well as CO2 emissions generated by the movement of trams.

The Minister of the Environment added that the Estonian transport sector as a whole must put in a lot of effort to achieve a green future. “It is clear that once fast and quiet trams drive in the city, public transport would be preferred over cars, which are costly and burdensome for the environment. I believe that such major project helps us a step further in creating a green future,” Minister of the Environment Mati Raidma added.

The project is a part of the goal to bring all tram lines in Tallinn into modern times from the previous century and extend a tram line to the airport. In the course of the reconstruction, a total of 11 km of tracks will be completely renewed, approximately 30 km of overhead lines will be replaced and the waiting platforms of tram stops will be reconstructed.

The upgrading works of the tram infrastructure started in summer 2014 and these will end in August next year. During the first part of the project, the tramway track of Pärnu Road was maintained; during the second part, the tramway tracks of Majaka Street will be reconstructed in Lasnamäe.

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