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The fourth Estonian company earned the European Union Ecolabel


Today, Minister of the Environment Mati Raidma awards the European Union Ecolabel to Estko AS, a company engaged in the production and sales of cleaning products. Only four Estonian companies are allowed to use the European Union Ecolabel on their products.

“On one hand, the ecolabel is a very high recognition to the company, who is set to operate in such a way that it would negatively impact our common living environment as little as possible. On the other hand, the ecolabel is also a clear message to the consumers, who can be certain then that the production they consume has been manufactured by taking the environment into account,” Raidma said.

Established in 1991, Estko AS is engaged in the production and sales of professional cleaning agents and their mission is to be a modern and responsible chemical company. The company’s main activities include the development, production and sales of professional cleaning agents, the mediation of cleaning supplies and tissue paper to cleaning companies, car wash companies, large kitchens, agricultural and food industry. The company is 100% owned by the Estonian capital.

“For us, it is fully planned and logical continuation to apply for the ecolabel. The development of ecolabeled products helps to increase both the company’s reputation, as well as guide the users towards green lifestyle. The label of the euro flower on our products shows that these are environmentally friendly products and assist the customers in making their choice,” Head of Estko AS Liina Kikas said.

The European Union Ecolabel is a label granted to products and services with a low environmental impact and meant for companies that care about the environment and want to reduce the negative impact of their products on the environment. The introduction of the ecolabel also contributes to more efficient use of natural resources, increasing the environmental awareness of the consumers and making the market greener.

In addition to Estko AS, the ecolabel can be used by three other Estonian companies: Kroonpress AS, Eskaro AS and Akzo Nobel Baltics.

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