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Estonia has achieved maximum result in the negotiations about fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea

During the negotiations about fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2015, which ended in Luxembourg, an agreement was reached pursuant to which Estonia will have essentially bigger opportunities for the Baltic herring catch both at the open part of the Baltic Sea and in the Gulf of Riga.
The Minister of the Environment Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, who represented Estonia in these negotiations, was of the opinion that the negotiations led to maximum result. “The abundance of fish is such that we have the opportunity to bring very good news to Estonian fishermen.  At negotiations with the European Commission and ministers of other Member States we reached an agreement on the growth of fishing possibilities of fish species that are especially important for Estonia,” explained the Minister of the Environment Keit Pentus-Rosimannus. Estonia’s negotiating position was also supported by scientific advice.
Next year the quota of Baltic herring catch for Estonia will increase both at the open part of the Baltic Sea and in the Gulf of Riga. In 2015, Estonian Baltic herring fishing quota at the open part of the Baltic Sea will be 18,363 tonnes or 45% more than this year.  In the Gulf of Riga, next year the Baltic herring quota is 17,908 tonnes, which is 26% more than in 2014.
At the beginning of negotiations, the European Commission sought to cut the Baltic sprat fishing quota by 17%.  Estonia did not agree to such a large reduction of the quota and according to the agreement concluded, the cut is in the 11% range. In 2015, Estonia can catch 24,465 tonnes of sprat.
The European Commission also proposed to reduce the Gulf of Finland salmon fishing quota by 23%, but Estonia's position was that the abundance of salmon permits keeping salmon fishing quota unchanged in 2015, and such a result was achieved in the negotiations. Next year, 1,344 salmons can be caught from the Gulf of Finland.  However, the salmon fishing quota of the open part of the Baltic Sea was cut by 10% to 2,020 salmon.
Estonian fishermen can catch 1,305 tonnes of cod next year, by 336 tonnes less than this year.


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