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Estonia continues to support moving towards climate neutrality


Estonia continues to support moving towards climate neutrality, aiming to ensure the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050. An analysis, commissioned by the State Chancellery on the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment, along with proposals concerning the transitions to climate neutral economy and solutions thereof in Estonia, will be completed by the fall. Results of the study will be presented to the Government in the fall as well.

According to Kristi Klaas, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of the Environment, the main sectors in need of decreasing or removing emissions in Estonia are energy, transport, forestry and land-use.

“I am convinced that the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is achievable, but is has to be conducted in a well-thought-out and gradual manner, so that economic competitiveness can be maintained, and our people and companies would be subject to positive impact. In cooperation with other ministries, several measures are in the works in order to move towards the goal. After the study has been completed, we can take a clearer stance on how to move forward,” added Klaas.

The Estonian climate policy framework document sets an objective of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050 in comparison with the emission levels of 1990. The total of greenhouse gas emissions in Estonia made up 21 million tons of CO2 in 2017; the amount of removals was 2 million tons of CO2. By today, we have decreased greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50%.

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Topics addressed in Brussels are drinking water and transition to a low-carbon economy

The Environment Council of the European Union gathers today, on 5 March, in Brussels. The topics in focus are European strategic long-term vision for reducing greenhouse gases “A Clean Planet for All”, matters of the drinking water directive, and discussions on how to ensure that the environment sector is considered more during funding decisions.

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UN Climate Change Conference Began in Poland

Today, the 24th meeting of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change began in Katowice, Poland. The goal of the two-week climate change conference is to establish guidelines for the implementation the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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