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E-forest notifications have been registered 2,243 times


Created by the Ministry of the Environment, the option to digitally register the forest notification in a simplified manner, which provides the planned action with quick feedback, has been already used 2,243 times.

The created application significantly reduces the time required for obtaining feedback on the forest notification, since the forest owner can find out in just a few minutes whether the proposed action is compliant. In the absence of conflict, the forest notification will be registered and the owner may start with the planned forest activities.

A simplified forest notification can be submitted on regeneration cutting and thinning that are planned outside of protected forests. Once the notification is registered, it is not forwarded to the Environmental Board, instead the Forest Registry automatically verifies that the content of the notification complies with the current requirements and makes a decision on whether to allow cutting or not.

“Since the new system is fast and easy to use, the number of forest notifications is constantly growing. Now is the perfect time to submit a forest notification for all, who have planned to maintain their forest during winter,” Chief Specialist of Forest Department of the Ministry of the Environment Karli Ligi explained.

The registration of the forest notifications is also subject to restrictions and requirements. For example, it is not possible to register the notification in the information system if it concerns protected areas or areas to be protected. Additionally, in order to submit the e-forest notification, the forest owner must disclose the forest investment data at least 30 days prior to submitting the notification in the e-forest notification environment.

Also, the forest notifications can be still submitted to the Environmental Board both in digital and paper form, especially in cases when inconsistencies emerge in simplified procedures – for example, cutting works are planned to be carried out in protected forest areas.

The forest owner may annually cut up to 20 cubic metres of wood per immovable without submitting the forest notification. The digital application of the forest notification was opened in 1 July.

To register the e-forest notification, the forest owner needs to enter the State Portal.

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