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Ministries will be working with similarly structured webpages

From June 2014, all ministries will have similarly designed and structured webpages to allow the visitor to access information faster and more easily than before as well as have a clear overview of the goals and activities of the government and governmental authorities.

The similarly structured and designed webpages of the Government, Government Office and 11 ministries now form a common online environment – the Government Portal.


All Government Portal webpages allow access to the webpages of other ministries – links to all webpages of the ministries are given at the horizontal top menu of the main page.

The content structure of the webpages is also unified. All webpages have the same access to overviews of goals and activities, news, images and video as well as information on the organization itself.

The main pages are also structured similarly, where news, introductions to important subjects as well as direct links to main content pages and social media channels are all placed in the same place on all webpages.


The Government Portal will continue to develop with the help of users. The goal is to make the webpages of all Government Offices easily accessible and full of information the users typically look for. All comments and feedback are welcome at Should you find any errors or malfunctioning applications, we kindly ask that you notify us at


Last updated: 22 March 2018

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