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Management of the environment

Environmental problems are part of our everyday life: each person has heard about climate changes and their adverse consequences to our environment. Unfortunately, a great deal of this is the result of human activity.

Environmental management is management which takes environmental protection into account. The general attitude towards environmental protection, i.e. the increasing environmental friendliness, is changing the way business is conducted in the whole world.

There is a growing demand for goods and services produced and marketed in an environmentally friendly way. A growing number of companies are taking the road of social responsibility. It is becoming increasingly important for them to show that not only their philosophy but also their investment strategies and daily work are sustainable.





Several legal acts have been adopted and different measures have been created in order to alleviate the environmental situation and to prevent future problems, and this work is ongoing.

Countries and agencies are constantly looking for possibilities of improving their environmental activities. One such possibility is to implement environmental management systems.


Last updated: 5 June 2014

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