Each Member State, including Estonia, is obliged to implement the directive on the basis of river basin districts; this is complemented by the initial estimate on risks related to the danger of flood, danger lists and risk charts, as well as management plans.

The aim of the risk management of floods is to decrease the likelihood for the occurrence of floods and their impact on human health, environment, cultural heritage and economic activities.

Risk management shall comprise protection against floods, readiness for floods, flood forecasts, and an early warning system.

Activities for evaluating and managing flood-related risks commenced by adopting Floods Directive in the European Union in 2007.


The stages of the evaluation and management of risks related to the danger of flood are the following, together with exercise date:

Transposition of Floods Directive into the Estonian Judicial Area 26.11.2009
Initial estimate on flood-related risks 22.12.2011
Maps on the danger of flood and the respective risk areas 22.12.2013
Management plans on flood-related risks 22.12.2015

The initial estimate on flood-related risks, maps on the danger of flood and the respective risk areas, and the management plan on flood-related risks will be reviewed and, if necessary, updated every six years, while updating river basin management plans.


Last updated: 2 September 2016

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