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European Economic Area (EEA) Grants 2009-2014

In the period 2009-14, the EEA Grants support 86 programmes in 15 countries in Europe.

The EEA Grants are jointly financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The three countries contribute to the grant scheme according to their size and economic wealth. Of the €988.5 million set aside for the 2009-14 period, Norway represents around 94%, Iceland close to 5% and Liechtenstein just over 1%

Estonia receives altogether 21,275 million Euros as a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway during financing period 2009-2014. From this sum 6,9 million Euros is dedicated for the implementation of the environmental projects.

Environmental programme “Integrated marine and inland water management”

The programme „Integrated marine and inland water management“ is implemented in cooperation with the donor programme partner The Norwegian Environment Agency. The Norwegian Environment Agency is dealing with nature management and pollution control. Their functions are to monitor the state of the environment, convey environment-related information, exercise authority, oversee and guide regional and municipal authorities, collaborate with the authorities of relevant sectors, act as an expert advisor, and assist in international environmental efforts. More information on the donor programme partner may be found here.

The objective of the programme is to support the achievement of the good status of the Estonian marine and inland water quality. As a result of the pre-defined projects (marked violet on the scheme) the programme of measures for Estonian marine areas, proposal for national climate change adaptation strategy and datamodelling system for Estonian water information will be developed and also the quality and availability of the spatial data will be improved. The open calls of the programme (marked blue on the scheme) will finance the protection of the water species and habitats, development of the ecosystem services, focused seabed studies and identification of national measures for adaptation.

The budget of the programme was 7.6 million euros of which the EEA grant amounted to 6.9 million euros while the co-financing of the Republic of Estonia amounted to 715,053 euros. The co-financing by the project beneficiaries was up to 15% of the project budget.

List of funded projects (click here)


Additional information on financial mechanism may be found from the page of Ministry of Finance:  and from the page of Financial Mechanism Office.


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Senior Officer of the Foreign Financing Department
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Last updated: 20 February 2020

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