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The Ministry of the Environment thanked 23 young nature conservationists

Tänavused noore looduskaitsjamärgi laureaadid.
Tänavused noore looduskaitsjamärgi laureaadid.
Today, Mati Raidma, Minister of the Environment, gave badges of honour to 23 young persons, recognising their exemplary activism in the field of nature conservation. 
The badges were given to up to 26-year-old persons for outstanding achievements in nature conservation. “We believe that recognising young people is very important, because a nature-friendly mindset starts to develop during early school years. It is a pleasure to see that young people continue to be deeply interested in Estonian nature and are willing to contribute to conserving and studying the nature,” Mati Raidma commented. 
Many recipients of the young conservationist’s badge have been successful in nature education competitions and contests, have helped to organise nature-themed events, or have conducted studies in the fields of nature and environment. For instance, they have studied bats and their need for protection, the population of the common gull, the woodpeckers on Aardla polder; they have also prepared inventories of natural sacred locations and studied energy-saving properties of different light sources. The young people have actively participated in volunteer nature conservation activities and have contributed to the promotion of nature education. The oldest badge recipient was 26 years and the youngest 13 years old.
This is the fourth year when the young conservationist’s badges were awarded. In total, 90 young people have been recognised with the badge for significant and exemplary activity in the field of nature conservation. The brass badge, shaped as a oak leaf, was designed by Julia Maria Künnap.
The recipients of this year’s Young Conservationist’s Badge include:
Aivar Kamal (Tallinn Mustamäe Shool of Humanities), Andrea Jõesaar (Kadriorg German Gymnasium), Angelina Vinogradova (Narva Keeltelütseum), Anton Bašinski (Narva Keeltelütseum), Birgit Purga (alumna of the University of Tartu), Brigitta-Maria Vakaljuk (Tapa Secondary School), Britta Kalgan (University of Tartu), Cätrin Valm (Environmental Board), Georg Rudolf Sarap (Toila Gymnasium), Grete Glaase (Kadriorg German Gymnasium), Helger-Hans Külmallik (Tapa Secondary School), Heli Kukk (Tapa Secondary School), Jaan Grosberg (Sillaotsa School), Kaisa Rooba (Kadrina Secondary School), Linda Puusalu (University of Tartu), Mana Kaasik (University of Tartu), Mariliis Eensalu (Tallinn University), Martin Talvik (Tallinn University of Technology), Martin Tikk (Hugo Treffner Gymnasium), Mirjam Grosberg (Estonian University of Life Sciences), Robin Gielen (University of Tartu), Stella Brothwick (Tallinn English College), Vesta Nalimova (Narva Keeltelütseum). 


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