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The Minister of the Environment approved the environmental assessment programme of Balticconnector

The Minister of the Environment approved the environmental assessment programme of Balticconnector
The Minister of the Environment approved the environmental assessment programme of Balticconnector

Last December, the Government launched an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for establishing a gas tube connection between Estonia and Finland. The Ministry of the Environment, who analysed the programme implementation, found it relevant and sufficiently comprehensive and today decision based on the minister's approval was made.

"Balticconnector allows achieving more interconnected market and increases Estonian consumers' confidence, our energy security. Significant dredging and filling operations accompany establishing the gas tube connection between Estonia and Finland. Thus, it is important, that preparations are careful and environmental impact and mitigations of the proposed actions are known," the Minister of the Environment Keit Pentus-Rosimannus commented.

Impact assessment is carried out based on the approved programme in cooperation with Finland. In Estonia, according to preliminary plans, the gas tube will reach the ground in the territory the city of Paldiski situated on Pakri peninsula. In Finland, the tube reaches the ground in Inkoo. Final route of the gas tube will be specified according to the investigation concerning surroundings, landing sites and ground facilities, including the results of the EIA.

According to an initial schedule, publication of the report will be presented next May. The forthcoming report will involve local and potential transboundary impacts.

The EIA and after the arrival of the results carried out under it, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure is able to propose to the Government in order to achieve building permission. The EIA was drawn up by the experts from Estonian and Finnish Ramboll and experts in the area were also involved.



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