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Hunting certificate will be issued as a plastic card

Jahitunnistus peab alati jahil kaasas olema.
Jahitunnistus peab alati jahil kaasas olema.
The Ministry of the Environment prepared a draft, which enables to issue the hunting certificate also as a plastic card from now on. The proposal to the Ministry was made by the hunters of Valgamaa.
“Hunting certificate is valid for ten years and must be accompanied at all times when hunting, so it is especially important that it would be extra durable,” Hunting Adviser to the Ministry of the Environment Tõnu Traks commented.
Traditional paper certificates will remain in parallel use and replacing the paper certificate with a plastic card is not mandatory. The hunter can decide which option to prefer.
The plastic hunting certificate is of standard size of a plastic document – 85 x 54 mm –, which is smaller than the paper hunting certificates.
The proposal on the introduction of the plastic cards was made by the hunters of Valgamaa and it was supported by the management board of the Estonian Hunters’ Society.
The hunting certificates are issued by the Estonian Hunters’ Society. There are over 15,000 hunters with valid certificates in Estonia today.

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